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Methods and Tools for the Formal Verification of Software
(PDF, 865K)   A master's thesis published in November 2011,
by Marian Rainer-Harbach (Matrikelnummer 0325724)
Industrial Use of Formal Methods
Formal Verification
ed. J-L Boulanger
includes a chapter on Escher Verification Studio
(ISBN 13: 9781848213630 ISBN 10: 1848213638; hardback)  
Published in July 2012 by ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons Inc

One possible UK source of supply (as of August 2012) is the Book Depository

A comparison of tools for teaching formal software verification
(PDF, 204K)   A paper published in Formal Aspects of Computing, June 2008, by Ingo Feinerer and Gernot Salzer (Springer subscription required for complete paper)
Verification of C Programs Using Automated Reasoning
(PDF, 141K)   A paper presented at SEFM 2007 (5th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods. London, UK. September 10-14, 2007)
Verifying Compilers for Financial Applications
(PPT, 2900K)  An informal talk about verification of investment banking applications, presented at the Grand Challenge 6 workshop of Formal Methods 2005.
Generating commercial web applications from precise requirements and formal specifications
(PDF, 159K)  Accepted for presentation at the 1st International Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Sites (WWV'05)
Safe Object-Oriented Software: the Verified Design-by-Contract paradigm
(PDF, 165K)  Proceedings of the Twelfth Safety-Critical Systems Symposium (ed. F.Redmill & T.Anderson) 19-41, Springer-Verlag, London, 2004. ISBN 1-85233-800-8.
Perfect Developer: what it is and what it does
(PDF, 84K)  FACS Facts (newsletter of the BCS Formal Aspects of Computer Science special interest group), November 2004.
A High Productivity Tool for Formally Verified Software Development
(PDF, 254K)   Presented at the Formal Methods Workshop in Industrial Applications. Ghent, Belgium. November 27, 2003.
Perfect Developer: A tool for Object-Oriented Formal Specification and Refinement
(PDF, 109K)  Published in the Tools Exhibition Notes at Formal Methods Europe, 2003.
Developing Reliable Software using Object-Oriented Formal Specification and Refinement
(PDF, 54K)  An extended abstract introducing the principles behind Perfect Developer.
Teaching Formal Methods with Perfect Developer
(PDF, 58K)  A short paper on using Perfect Developer in teaching.
Perfect Developer for Critical Systems datasheet (PDF, 256K).
Perfect Developer for Education datasheet (PDF, 228K).
Escher C Verifier datasheet (PDF, 309K).

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