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“We were especially impressed by the automation of verification proofs, which will substantially reduce our costs, and by the level of support provided by Escher Technologies.”

Guy Mason
General Dynamics UK Ltd.

two tools to reduce the cost of your critical software development

Perfect Developer is designed for use during specification and software design, while Escher C Verifier is designed for use during coding when the language is C. Both Escher C Verifier and Perfect Developer are included in Escher Verification Studio.

eCv - reducing the cost of developing Critical Software

Escher C Verifier enables the development of formally-verifiable software in a subset of C (based on MISRA-C 2004). It performs static analysis on the code, checks conformance with many of the MISRA rules, and verifies mathematically that the software is free from run-time errors and "undefined behaviour" for all inputs.

Optionally, Escher C Verifier can also verify that the software meets functional specifications.

Perfect Developer - reducing the cost of developing Critical Software

Perfect Developer is a tool for specifying and modelling software systems, providing formal proofs of correctness. Optionally, code can be generated from the model, in a choice of languages.

Functional specifications can be expressed at a high level and refined to component-level.

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